About Us

The Company

FTI Professional Grade Inc. is a single-purpose corporate entity with the purpose of identifying and pursuing the manufacturing of a viable and proven mechanical ventilator in Canada.

In April 2020, FTI was awarded a contract with the Government of Canada to deliver 10,000 V4C-560 ventilators. FTI Professional Grade Inc. subcontracted the manufacturing of 10,000 V4C-560 ventilators to an Ontario-based medical device manufacturer.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 FTI Professional Grade Inc. successfully collaborated with numerous Government of Canada agencies and departments, supply chain vendors, and its subcontractor to meet its contractual obligations to the Government of Canada.

FTI Professional Grade Inc. successfully delivered 10,000 V4C-560 ventilators to the Public Health Agency of Canada by December 31, 2020.

FTI Professional Grade Inc. delivered 10,000 life-saving ventilators with the help and support from individuals and corporations.

FTI Professional Grade Inc. subcontracted the manufacturing of the 10,000 Baylis-branded V4C-560 ventilators to Baylis, located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Medtronic is one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers. The manufacture of FTI Professional Grade Inc.’s Baylis-branded V4C-560 ventilator is based on a permissive licence for Medtronic’s Puritan Bennett™ model 560 (PB 560) design and specifications.

Our Team

Rick Jamieson BBA, CPA, CA
President and CEO

Rick is the President and CEO of FTI Professional Grade Inc., the company that was awarded the contract by the Government of Canada to deliver 10,000 ventilators in response to COVID-19.  Rick is co-founder of the Ventilators for Canadians marketing and business development initiative. Rick also spearheaded the establishment of the Living Air for Canadians charitable foundation.

Rick’s areas of expertise include strategic sales, complex negotiations, government contract management and liaison, executive leadership, corporate governance, finance, taxation, business strategy, manufacturing, operations and logistics, new product development and design, business intelligence, marketing, and business development. 

In order to focus on this important project, Rick stepped away from his role as President and CEO of ABS Friction and IDEAL Brake Parts Inc., Guelph, Ontario-based companies for over 17 months. 

Rick Jamieson co-founded ABS Friction in 1995 and founded IDEAL Brake Parts Inc. to manufacture disc brake pads and distribute brake shoes for the global automotive replacement market.  

Rick is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (BBA) and is an alumnus of Deloitte, where he earned his CA designation.  In 2003, Rick was elected by his professional accounting peers to receive the FCA Fellowship designation.  Rick is also a graduate of the Ivey Business School’s Quantum Shift program. Rick attended the Birthing of Giants program held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  In 2012, Rick was the recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal.

Rick held senior board positions with the Automotive Aftermarket Supplier Association, the Brake Standards Association, the Friction Materials Standards Institute, and the Brake Manufacturer’s Council.

Denis Godcharles MEng
Contract Administration 

Denis is responsible for finalizing the overall administration of the contract between FTI Professional Grade Inc and the Government of Canada for the supply of 10,000 V4C-560 ventilators. 

During the contacting period, Denis ensured that FTI was in compliance with the government of Canada’s contract terms and conditions.  He was also responsible for recording and tracking amendments to the contract, researching supporting documentation and regulatory requirements of the government’s contracting procedures, guidelines, and protocols.

Denis has over 35 years of experience in providing his expertise to large, complex and highly regulated organizations.  He’s also worked with small and medium-size enterprises that require assistance with government contracting.  Denis applies his skills in the public, financial, and not-for-profit sectors.  His most recent corporate position was as National Leader for Consulting Services at BDO Canada.  He has extensive experience with government contracting with Public Service and Procurement Canada.  Denis is a graduate of the Engineering Management Program, Royal Military College of Canada and the Masters in Engineering Program, University of Ottawa.

Advisory Experts

Throughout the development process – from concept – to commercialization, FTI Professional Grade Inc.’s goal was to help governments, healthcare providers, clinical personnel, and patients in the fight against COVID-19. FTI Professional Grade Inc. consulted with relevant subject matter experts to assist FTI with its mission of providing life-saving ventilators to the Government of Canada.

In addition to FTI Professional Grade Inc.’s wide-ranging expertise and experience in manufacturing and operations, during the contracting time frame, FTI sought the advice of experts in healthcare, regulatory and legal affairs, respiratory technology, component and part design and production, global supply chain sourcing, quality control and engineering, sales and marketing, and government contracting.

Rick Jamieson, CEO and President of FTI Professional Grade Inc., coined the term “Ventilators for Canadians.”

Ventilators for Canadians (V4C) was a consortium of Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs who initially collaborated in March 2020 to identify and pursue potential solutions to help Canadians through the challenging COVID-19 healthcare emergency.

The V4C consortium was a marketing and business development initiative that started as a crowdfunding concept to facilitate the manufacturing of ventilators in Canada. Based on marketplace dynamics, the initiative evolved. The V4C members pursued separate ventilator projects and potential solutions.

Congratulations to everyone who assisted FTI Professional Grade Inc. with this
initiative to help Canadians with the fight against COVID-19.

FTI Professional Grade Inc. is the single-purpose corporation that executed the contract with the Government of Canada to supply 10,000 V4C-560 mechanical ventilators to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).